Service Booking

Looking after your new or used car is about far more than simply driving carefully when out on the road. Wear and tear experienced through regular use means that, even if something is not obvious to the eye (or in some cases, the ear!), there is still a risk of breakdown, part failure, or serious engine damage. As such, making sure you invest in annual vehicle servicing through a reputable garage could well prove invaluable, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, in future repairs.

In addition, should you ever decide to part with your vehicle, a full service history will make selling or part exchanging your car far simpler and ensures you’re able to get a better price.

At Slaters in North Wales, we offer affordable car servicing for all makes and models. Our experienced technicians are fully trained and have access to the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure any issues are highlighted. Simply enter your details in our service booking form below to make an appointment for your next vehicle service.