History of Slaters

Slaters has been a family run business by the Knowlson family since it was taken over by Harold Knowlson in 1923. The history of the Company doesn’t start there!

1912- The Beginning of the Business

In 1912, a single car site and paint shop business was opened on what was then the main road between Chester and Anglesey, subsequently sold to Captain Slater in 1918. Since then the name of Slaters has become virtually synonymous with that of the Town itself.

1923- The Partnership which transformed the Business

It was then in 1923 when Harold Knowlson the Great Grandfather of the current Chairman and Managing Director took over the running of Slaters with his partner the late Harry Budge. It was from then, Abergele has seen both the Company and Town grow and thrive together in a way never more apparent than today.

1929- Fresh from the production lines to Slaters

In 1929 the garage was displaying the latest fashionable New cars direct from their production lines in Wolverhampton and Coventry. As the demand for Slaters expertise in quality cars and servicing grew so did the need for new showrooms, specialist parts departments and body paint shops. This need was met by Ken Knowlson, the Founders Son.

1953- Slaters First custom Built Showroom

In 1953 the late Ken Knowlson, the founders son, farsighted, like his father, along with his colleague the late Ivor Hughes moved Slaters to their first custom built showroom, opening as a Vauxhall dealership.

Shortly after, in 1955 Slaters also commenced dealing in Rootes Group cars, with immortal names like the Hillman, Humber, and Sunbeam.

Inevitably, this customer built showroom, vast in its day was itself outgrown.

Slaters- The forefront of Multi-franchising

The main showroom and filling station was subsequently moved to its present site in Market Street. In this new showroom were Triumphs, Vauxhalls and Rootes models.

As Slaters continued to specialise, so separate showrooms for each make of car were opened. “We were in the forefront of Multi-franchising” explains Colin Knowlson.

Reaching Customer needs

Slaters has long embraced ground breaking ideas designed to help motorists in the very early days. Colin Knowlson, the current Chairman and Managing Director explains:

“Motorists needs were very different in those days – and car reliability was also very different. In the early days soon after we had introduced North Wales’ first paint spraying facility – Slaters was a motorists landmark because it had the first petrol pump on the Road from Chester and this initiative was followed by the first ‘ shilling-in-the-slot’ petrol pump that operated 24 hours a day-possibly Abergele’s first vending machine”.

Our Reputation

Slaters reputation for quality, service and customer satisfaction extends far and wide with customers regularly travelling to the Town from as far afield as Manchester, Liverpool and North-West England. Slaters have sold cars to many places including Ireland, The Ascension Islands and many more.

Slaters do not only hold a reputation for its service, we also have a commitment to local schools and charities through sponsorship and events. In 2004 the current Chairman and Managing Director Colin Knowlson was recognised for his services to the community in Abergele and awarded an MBE. We're very proud, not only to be in Abergele but to be part of the community - we respect the Town.

Our Philosophy

We run the Company as a team, a team that attaches the greatest importance to customer satisfaction.

We continuously seek improvements in all our actions.

We are driven by pride, not targets.

Our Mission Statement

As a Company we want to achieve the maximum possible customer satisfaction and offer value for money in all areas of our business.